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Introducing Chad Bartie to the Freestyle Skate Team. Chad is hands down one of the best all terrain skaters in the business, and does it all with amazing flow and style. Not to mention he's a 2X X-games bronze metalist. It's clear that Chad's commitment and well rounded talent has kept him at an elite level for years. We are stoked to have Chad on board to help develop the future of the Freestyle Skate Program. Welcome to the team Chad!


D.O.B.: 05/20/77
Hometown: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Stance: Goofy
Sponsors: Powell Peralta, Osiris Shoes, Theeve Trucks, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearing, Armourdillo, and Freestyle Watches.


Freestyle Watch: The Navigator 3.0
Food: Vegemite, meat pies, and sushi
Car: Toyota Tacoma 4x4
Movie: Aliens
Book: The Divided Mind
TV: I don't watch it, but the Simsons are tight!
Skate Park: They are all fun for different reasons
Skater: Kids learning to skate inspire me. Reminds me of why skating is so fun.
Words to live by: "My life is my message. Inspire people through how and what you do"


Chad Bartie – Instagram | @chadbartie



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